This Model 3 Corona was given to Hemingway by his then fiance, Hadley for his 22nd birthday. He took it with him when they sailed in November to Europe, using it to write numerous dispatches to his newspaper. He also authored numerous short stories, poems, and at least two novels using this machine.
He expressed his ‘love’ for the machine on a number of occasions and wrote a poem about it.

An exhibit of photographs by Gordon Gebert, critically exploring the forms, space and context of the Model 3 Corona, will continue from June 29th through July 7th at Cafe Galdos in Madrid.

Ranging in size from 20 cm x 70 cm to 50×75, the mounted C-type crystal archive photo prints can be reserved for purchase at the cafe during the exhibition, or obtained at this web site after July 20, 2013.